Teenies Community Nationals 2010
The Teenies were under pressure right from the start as due to the ages of some of the children they had to compete in the next category up which meant they were dancing against older more experienced children.

Cheerleading is a very technical style of dance with points awarded for compulsory elements and likewise points deducted for each element not preformed to the judges standards.  For example: It's not sufficient for a dancer to perform a high V followed by a low V, there are strict rules on hand positioning, which way their wrists face, not to mention timing synchronicity and unity within the team.

Once on the mat the team danced really well with No faults (A feat in its self) and when you consider that three of the children in this team had learnt the entire performance in less than five weeks, one of which learnt it in less than 3 weeks! the scale of their achievement begins to make more sense. In addition don't forget their age, a considerable factor when you realise that half of this team were going on stage for the first time in front of a panel of judges and more than 3000 people watching. 

It can be very daunting for young children going on stage for the first time and I should know, I take the children to the floor.  As an adult I don't think I could do it and I know of several parents that couldn't of done this either.

So as you can see an 11th place out of 15 is worth a lot more than the bare numbers suggest.

Sporting Dynamite UKCA Community Nationals Teenies team 2010

Chantelle Longstaff (Team Leader/Captain)Active Image
Gemma Tierney
Leonie Ecclestone Reid
Leah Williams
Molly Clarke
Shania Wright
Sarah Rashidi
Ester Selimi

Coach: Julie Massey

Well done to all the team, it was a fantastic achievement and we are really proud of you and a very special well done to Julie, whom I am extreemly proud of. 
Alan Massey - Sporting Dynamite President