How to make your own cheerleading Pom Poms
These steps are for use as a squad activity with your coach or to be carried out with the help of an adult. Always get the permission of an adult before working with plastic bags or sharp objects.

Due to the risk of suffocation Never leave plastic bags unattended near young children.

Step 1
Firstly you will need plastic bags such as bin bags (trash bags) so you will need to collect together as many as you can, these can be “used” or new ones form your local store. The most common are black or white but you can use any color you wish, or better still mix two colors together for that cool look. You will need about 10 bags of the color you want.

Step 2
Lay the bags on a large flat cutting surface such as an old wooden table (not your mother's dining table!) and make sure that the bags are placed evenly one on top of the other. At this point you will need to trim off any awkward parts of the bag (such as the crimped bottom edge)

Step 3
Fold the bags in half together, making sure both halves line up perfectly.

Step 4
Cut into small strips about half way up the folded bags (from the open end) and then continue to cut until all the bag has been cut up into strips. The width of the strips can vary depending on how full you want the Pom to look. For a fuller look, cut the strips thinner, for a thinner look, cut the strips thicker.

Step 5
Fold the bags over and over lengthwise. The folded top can now be wrapped around with duct tape (or any other form of tape) to form the handle. The strips below the tape become the Pom strips.

Step 6
Take a several strips at a time between the palms of your hands and rub them together to fluff up the strips, this can take some time so you may need to enlist the whole squad to help out. The fuller you want the Poms the longer you rub the strips together!
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  • Never let children play with plastic bags or allow them to place them on their heads.
  • Remember to supervise young children and always ensure there is an adult present to help children whilst cutting the strips.
  • Never leave children alone with scissors or other sharp objects.
  • Remember small off cuts of plastic are a potential choking hazard to babies or young children so keep your work area tidy and clean up properly afterwards.
  • Try various colors and thicknesses of plastic bag to come up with different effects. Putting shiny plastics or contrasting colors into the layers can create great effects.
  • You can use almost any material but try to avoid fabrics that fray or separate into strands.
  • Don’t forget making your own Poms is a good way to improve team spirit as well as saving money for the squad.
  • Remember not to cut your strips all the way to the top of the fold as this won’t leave you with any material to form into handles.
copyright © Sporting Dynamite 2009