The Toe Touch Jump

The Cheerleading Toe Touch Jump

In Cheerleading the Toe Touch Jump is the holy grail and represents the height of jumping technology; a jump that if executed correctly, can be the difference between a winning routine and coming last!

Again, like any jump, practice is key but specifically with the "Toe Touch Jump" as you need to develop the skills required over a period of time, strengthening your body and improving your jumping technique as you go.

Not every Cheerleader can execute the perfect Toe Touch, it takes practice, lots of practice and even then some Cheerleaders never manage a decent toe touch.  As stated earlier, some Cheerleaders will perfect stunning Toe Touches in weeks, whilst other will struggle month after month and still fail to perform a really good one.

One things for sure; No Cheerleader will perfect a descent Toe Touch without dedication and lots of practice. 

But remember this: Given the right amount of effort everybody can be taught a Toe Touch that's adequate and will look really great in performance.  It's down to dedication and effort, the more you put in, the more you get out and it all starts with the basics, such as repetitive strengthening exercises, practicing counts, and working on timing and delivery.

Basically,if you want that jaw dropping Toe Touch;

Toe Touch Drill 1

Toe Touch Drill 2

Toe Touch Drills part 1:

  • Start off by stretching out. Make sure you are warmed up before you actually throw any jumps to avoid pulling or straining muscles.
  • Next do 3 sets of leg lifts: sit in a straddle on the floor, hands are behind you for support (hands should be on the floor, under or near your tail), slightly lean back and lift both legs (about a foot off the floor), keep your legs STRAIGHT, WITHOUT your legs touching the floor lift them, count to 10, then release them for a breather and repeat. Do a total of 3 sets. Leg lifts are hard but it will strengthen your legs and improve the height of your jumps!
  • After leg lifts we do side high kicks: arms in a T motion, with right leg kick 5 times, breather for for 5 seconds, switch to left leg 5 times.
  • Ready to begin: Throw your toe touch, count 5-6-7-8, throw another, then repeat. (I make my squad do 10)

When you are throwing your toe touch:

  • Make sure you have a good prep (feet and legs together, bending knees, keeping your back straight). Really concentrate on using the muscles in your legs when prepping, after all that is how you get off the ground in the first place. 
  • When you are in your toe touch position (in the air) DON'T reach for your legs. Arms should be in a 'T'. Bring your legs to your arms, not arms to your legs!
  • Keep your legs straight. Bent knees make a toe touch look sloppy.
  • POINT YOUR TOES, and when landing, make sure your feet are together... DON'T FORGET TO SMILE! :)


Toe Touch Drill part 2:

  • Cheerleading Crunches: lay on your back on the floor, legs straight out in front of you, arms in a touchdown (up beside your head). Sit up, bringing your legs up and rolling back into a toe touch position (straddle), and bring your arms between to a T. Just think like you're doing a toe touch sitting on the floor. 10-15 is good to start. They hurt, and they look and feel awkward, but they'll help your jumps.
  • Squat Jumps: crouch down, touching your fingertips to the floor. Jump up, bringing your arms above your head, shrugging up your shoulders like you would doing a jump. As soon as your feet touch the floor, return to the starting position. 20 is a good number to start with, increase gradually.
  • Consecutive tucks: do a tuck with the approach. As soon as you hit the floor, go back up into a tuck with no prep. 5-10 to start.
  • Also, try doing 100 jumps every night, 10 of each jump you know: tuck, abstract(double hook), right hurdler, left hurdler. spread eagle, left front hurdler, right front hurdler, right herkie, left herkie, and finally, your toe touch.
  • Do these in addition to the leg lifts and kicks every day, at least once. Your toe touches, and other jumps will improve tremendously. Make sure you stretch a lot, and use your stomach and shoulders to get the height in your jump, as well as your legs. Do lots of crunches to strengthen your stomach.