Nationals Results 2012
National Championships - Sunday 26th February 2012 at Manchester Central (GMEX) 

Sporting Dynamite Mini Peeps Non-Transitional Streetcheer Squad - Team Name: Sporting Dynamite X-Plode

Placed 3rd

Brilliant, the 1st time we entered the Nationals and the first team on was our youngest children but they meade us really proud finishing in an extreemly respectable third place on their first attempt at this level is a fantastic achievement.  I was very proud of you and you worked really hard

Sporting Dynamite Peeps Transitional Streetcheer Squad - Team Name: Sporting Dynamite X-Treme

Placed 1st

Absolutely amazing, what else could I say but it was extremly well done and well and truly earned.  You worked so hard in training and to finally win makes it all worthwhile but for that win to make you STREETCHEER NATIONAL CHAMPIONS 2012 was unbelievable!

Sporting Dynamite Unit Non-Transitional Streetcheer Squad - Team Name: Sporting Dynamite X-Ecute

Placed 3rd
We had very high hopes for this team as they had been together for a while and were the more technically gifted in the club.  I know finishing third was a bit disapointing to the team as they had set their sights much higher but you have to remember that this is National standards and everyone who takes part at this level is extreemly good at what they do.  The dance looked great and finishing thrid was a more than respectable performance, you were a credit to yourselves and an inspiration to the rest of the club, well done!

Sporting Dynamite Masters Non-Transitional Streetcheer Squad - Team Name: Sporting Dynamite X-Hausted

Placed 2nd
Mel did a great job with the Masters: The Masters sqaud represent the older end of the club and possibly the ones who felt they had something to prove, if not to me maybe to their daughters and other members of the club. 

They were clearly very nervous but when they walked out onto the floor they put all that behind them with a stirling performance that anyone could be proud of.  It was a brilliant performance and the icing on the cake in what had alraedy been an amazing day for Sporting Dynamite

All in all one of the best days in the clubs history and one we will remember for years to come.  Congratulations to all the cheerleaders, coaches, staff and helpers, we are very proud of you.