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UKCA Streetcheer Community Nationals
Saturday 20th November 2010
Fenton Manor, Stoke-On-Trent

Once again, thanks to the Zest foundation and Eastlands Homes who both donated money to help keep the costs down.  Without help from organisations such as these Sporting Dynamite would really struggle and possibly not even survive so as you can imagine we are really proud to have such organisations helping out.

Peeps (Transitional)

Megan Aston - Team Captain
Natalie Monk - Assistant Team Captain
Chantelle Longstaff
Fraya Walker
Bethany Walls
Chloe Singh
Katelyn Walsh
Chloe Hichen
Devon Upton
Abigail Newman
Katelyn Edwards

Result: Finished in 3rd Place
Brilliant dance, a bit nervy and shaky at the start and a little confusion right at the end when some of the girls were a little unsure about the count.  The end of this dance had been changed a few times to accommodate the skill levels of the children but due to this change some were a little unsure of the ending which showed in the dance and as a result several girls were upset and consiquently convinced that they had messed up and finished last.  Not so, 3rd place, just imagine what would have happened if they had got everything right!

To add to this the team was competing out of class in this category as they don't have good Street and Break-dance skills so they would have automatically got very low marks for these sections, this was known before we entered them in the Transitional section but Alan felt it a worthwhile risk to ensure the whole squad danced together.

As is normal, when a squad feel that they have not delivered the dance as well as could be expected the blame game automatically kicks in but as I explained to the girls this is not how they should deal with the situation.
You start as a team! You compete as a team! You finish as a team! - It's as simple as that,
There is no "I" in team and no blame to apportion when things don't go your own way. 

There is nothing to be gained by casting blame as all this achieves in doing is to make that person feel bad which in turn just succeeds in making them conscious and therefore they dance even worse next time.  If that's the way you wish to act as a team then you will only get worse as time goes on. 

If you want your team to improve then the only way to do this is to:
  1. Get over mistakes errors and results that don't go your way.
  2. Don't cast blame.
  3. Do not go on about mistakes and errors, discuss them, solve them and move on.
  4. Help your fellow team mate to get over their fears.
  5. Teach them your skills.
  6. Do not divide your team, make sure you include ALL team member in everything you do.
  7. Encourage your team mates to improve.
  8. Convince them that they are good dancers.
  9. Stick together as a TEAM !
  10. Be a team builder, not a team wrecker !
So after all that, 3rd place Whoooooooo

Mini Peeps (Non Transitional)

Leah Williams - Team Captain (Joint)
Molly Clarke - Team Captain (Joint)
Jaya Singh
Shania Wright
Stella Ezemuo
Beyonce Brown
Sarah Rashidi

Result: Finished in 8th Place
Really good dance and absolutely fantastic outfits and make-up.  Still a young squad with five children out of the seven still 7yrs or under so competing against squads who were predominately made up of older children meant that they were always somewhat up against it.  Still for a squad that have only recently formed and with nearly half of the squad (3) never having danced for Sporting Dynamite at a Streetcheer event before, they did really well.

If it wasn't for nerves the Mini Peeps would have done a lot better especially when you consider that five minutes before they went on the stage they ran through the whole dance on the practice mat and did the complete routine flawlessly but then they are young children and its such a shock to walk out on stage in front of all those people and bright lights, No wonder they call it "stage fright"

By the way, one of the best photographs I have seen in the last ten years!
"Say this team are cool, this team are neat, this team can boogie, this team can street!" :-)

Peeps (Non Transitional)

Megan Aston - Team Captain
Natalie Monk - Assistant Team Captain
Chantelle Longstaff
Fraya Walker
Chloe Singh
Katelyn Walsh
Chloe Hichen
Devon Upton
Abigail Newman
Katelyn Edwards

Result: Finished in 4th Place
Once again what can you say, another brilliant dance.  Again there were some inevitable mistakes but these were minor and on the whole the dance was as good as if not better than the first one with a couple of the girls really shining.

This was a pleasure to watch and positive proof that this squad can put things behind them and get on with the job in hand.  There are obviously things we can improve on but in the main a great squad that should be going places real soon.

"Give it up for the team!"

Crew (Non Transitional)

Sereena Hunter - Team Captain
Melissa Gouldman - Assistant Team Captain
Keely Ford
Danielle Purcell
Angie Ngoma
Tia Ennis

Result: Finished in 4th Place
The first year that Sporting Dynamite have put in a Seniors/Crew squad and clearly a team that has a future.  While we all know that these girls can dance what most of you probably have not realised yet is that they have only had 1 hour a week for about 8 weeks so this was a much better achievement than you can imagine and if there are any out there wondering whether they all but it in, well I don't think that was in question after the dance especially with one of the crew having a massive Asthma attack and another having an Adrenalin attack (Basically a total system overload due to putting in 120% and flooding the body with too much Adrenalin which simply dosn't get used up in a two minute routine and therefore sends the body into shock)

So after all that what can you say? "Wow outfits, Wow make up (Thanks to Sophie Gregory) Wow dance and what a future if they carry on and build on this".


Megan Aston and Katelyn Edwards
Devon Upton and Fraya Walker

Sereena Hunter and Melissa Gouldman
Angie Ngoma and Tia Ennis

It was a shame that none of our Freestylers won but to be fair the standard was really good and even though our girls did brilliant you have to applaud the standard of the winners.  By the way Fraya Walker stood in at the last minute and really gave out some cool moves (Heheh, she was even upset when they pulled her off as she had more moves to bust)

"Say we are proud of you, Say we are proud of you, Whoooooh good job"

And finally to the entire Squad, each team member, the volunteers, the helpers, the coaches and finally the parents for putting up with so much and also for being so patient in spite of such a late finish,

"We are extremely proud of you! well done to everyone of you"

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