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Each year Sporting Dynamite enters various competitions, the main ones being the Community Nationals which normally take place during May and the National StreetCheer Championships which takes place in November.  These dates can change and we may also enter other competitions as we see fit.

Entering competitions is not compulsory but is a valuable tool to improving and developing confidence and team spirit.

Before considering  a request for your child to go to competition parents need to consider the following:
  1. Competitions can be expensive, for example a typical cost would be £50 per child and in some instances can be even higher.
  2. Although some competitions may be local others can be quite far away.
  3. Sporting Dynamite cannot provide transport for parents or spectators.
  4. Your child will be with us the whole day (several hours) some children and some parents are not ready for such a long separation.
  5. Not every child will be asked to go to competition.
  6. Some children are not ready for competition this may be emotionally, due to their ability, due to behaviour, due to age restrictions or for other reasons.
  7. Although a child can dance, it does not mean that they have enough dance experience to go to competition.
  8. Some children have natural ability and can pick a dance up in a week, others can spend months and still not get it!

The policy of Sporting Dynamite is try to give all Cheerleaders a chance to take part in competiton and to travel as a squad with as many members as possible attending.  It must be understood however that this does not mean that all cheerleaders will dance on the day as final selection will depend on ability, commitment, understanding of the dance to the satisfaction of the coaches/committee and the behaviour of each child both running up to the event and on the day itself.

Cheerleaders also need to understand that the club coaches and helpers require good behaviour from every child that attends.  It is a long day and we simply don't have time for children that wish to mess around or ignore instruction.

Sporting Dynamite make it quite clear that in the event of any child misbehaving, giving cheek, fighting, swearing, being rude, or generally ignoring instruction from any of the helpers, coaches or committee members, the child's parents will be informed and instructed to collect their child.  If for any reason this is not possible the child will be returned to their parents and any costs incurred by Sporting Dynamite will be invoiced to the parents.

It is up to every parent to decide whether they would like their child to go to competition.

But ultimately it will be the decision of the coaches and the committee that dictates which children are in the final selection.
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