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These steps are for use as a squad activity with your coach or to be carried out with the help of an adult. Always get the permission of an adult before working with scissors.

Pomchies are the small Poms often tied to shoe laces or into the hair of Cheerleaders either on their own, or in pairs.  Pomchies are traditionally made in the teams colors and are worn by all members of the squad.

Step 1
You will need 20 equal lengths of yarn or wool in your team colors each piece being 150mm (6 inches) long. Cut an additional length of yarn or wool in one of the desired colors. Remember the colors should match or be close to those of your team. For example, if your team colors are blue and white you will need 10 pieces of blue and 10 pieces of white.

Step 2
Gather the lengths of yarn together and fold in half, tying the extra length of yarn tightly around the center of the bundle and securing with an overhand knot. Release the bundle and check that the threads are centered before tightening the knot with a double knot.

Step 3
Cut through the folded loop of yarn and trim the ends flush. Fluff the Pomchie so that the center securing thread is no longer visible.

Step 4
Trim off the ends of the securing yarn, not too short though as you need this to secure the Pomchies to your shoes.

Step 5
Repeat the process to make as many Pomchies as you wish.
copyright © Sporting Dynamite 2009
  • Remember to supervise young children and always ensure there is an adult present to help children whilst cutting the yarns.
  • Never leave children unattended with scissors or other sharp objects.
  • Remember small off cuts are a potential choking hazard to babies and young children so keep your work area tidy and clean up properly afterwards.
  • Try various colors and thicknesses of yarn or wool to come up with different effects. Adding shiny string or contrasting colors to the yarns can create great effects.
  • You can use almost any string, wool or yarn but try to avoid ones that fray or separate into strands.
  • Don’t forget making your own Pomchies is a good way to improve team spirit as well as a great way to save money.
  • Remember not to cut the securing yarn too short otherwise you will have nothing left to tie the Pomchies to your shoes.
copyright © Sporting Dynamite 2009
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