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These training videos are from around the world, including some from an America training website. They are very good and give clear concise instructions. Unfortunatley some have a small advert which plays just before the video starts and occasionally an advert box pops up but you can click the "X" in the top right corner to get rid of it.

Don't forget!
These video's are for your information and to remind you of how it's done.  DO NOT try any stunts or advanced moves at home or anywhere else other than at a Sporting Dynamite training session where we have professional mats and proper instructors to advise you.

Beware, some of these video's show moves that are only suitable for Senior Cheerleaders and require a very high level of fitness.  Not all of these moves are suitable for Teenies or Junior A to perform.  If you are unsure which ones you can do safely, please check with your coach first.

We want you to enjoy and have fun cheerleading - remember, there's nothing funny about injuries and hospitals.

For further details, select one of the videos from the menu on the left.

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