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Cheerleading Jumps

Among some of the hardest things to learn in Cheerleading are the Jumps.  Not always because they are the most difficult but usually because it seems to be a case that some people can just pop a jump at the first time of asking whilst others work for years and never manage one decent toe touch.

The reason: we are all different,
Some people are more flexible than others whilst some cheerleaders struggle to get beyond that physiological block that prevents them from getting off the ground properly.
  • Before attempting any jump, warm up and stretch - ideally with a 5 minute plus routine.
  • Keep your head up and your back straight.
  • Don't bend your body to reach your feet, instead try to bring your feet up towards your head.
  • Always, point your toes, your feet should be turned up towards the sky.
  • Snap your legs down with as much force as you brought them up with.
  • Land with a slight bend in you knees on the balls of your feet - never land flat footed.
  • Work on building up the strength in your arms, shoulders, abs and legs.
  • Work on all aspects of the jump: prep, lift, execution and landing.
  • Practice, practice, practice.
  • Don't be frightened of asking for help, everybody has to learn at some point.
Never give up, you will never succeed if you stop after ten minutes with the attitude "I can't do it", remember you need to work at it; for some it can take a few weeks and others a few months, it all depends on the individual. 
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