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Cheerleading Terminology
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Toe Flip
A method used where one or more bases use their hands as a stepping platform to toss the flyer into a hip over head rotation (i.e. Somersault) Prohibited (BANNED under UKCA/British rules)

Toe Pitch
An accepted method used to mount where one or more bases use their hands as a stepping platform to toss the flyer up (Can be used in a partner stunt)

Toe Touch
One of the most widely used jumps in Cheerleading. A jump where your arms are in a "T" motion and your legs split to the sides, toes pointed with your knees up or pointed back. Hands do not touch the toes, as the name implies, but instead your hands try to reach to the insides of your ankles. You should keep your back straight, your head up, and rotate your hips to perfect this jump.

Top person being free of continuous contact from the base(s) (i.e. Basket Toss)

Cheerleading motion where both arms are held directly overhead, tight against the head/ears. Hands have palms facing each other, pinky side out.

Transitional Stunts
Involves a top person moving from one stunt to another. The transitional stunt may involve changing bases.

Try Out(s)
The way to narrow down potential cheerleaders for a squad. Usually conducted by the coach and/or trained or accredited judges. Special skills are named by the coach to perform and be judged on individual performance.

Tuck Jump
where you bring both knees up to your chest. Can be used as a jump or for flipping.

Any gymnastic skill used in a cheer, dance, or for crowd appeal. Can be done as an individual or as a group in unison.

Vertical Rotation (No hip over head rotation)

Similar to Junior B, all competitors must be 15yrs and under - oldest team member can be 15yrs on the day of competition.

V motion
Cheerleading motion where both arms are up forming a V. Thumb side for fists faces the crowd.

A stunt in which the hands of the top person are used to assist in clearing a base(s) or prop(s)

The main squad the represents a school, college or university. Upperclassmen.

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