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Age group for cheerleaders, one or more competitors must be at least 16yrs on the day of competition

Single Trick
Example: Toe Touch in Basket Toss

Another word for briefs or undies. Also called lolipops, bloomers, and tights.

A movement or sitting position in which the legs are spread apart in alignment or sideways one in front of the other.

A person that stays in contact with the performing surface and watches for any hazards in the stunt or mount. The spotter is responsible for watching the flyer and to be prepared to catch her if she falls.

A small group of people organized for a specific purpose; An athletic team. Stag A leap or pose in which one leg is bent and the other is straight.

Any skill or feat involving tumbling, mounting, a pyramid, or toss. Usually does not refer to a jump.

A position where the legs are straight out and apart.

Street Cheer
A fusion of different styles of dance predominantly being a mixture of Cheerleading and Street Dance with influences from 1970s styles such as Krump and Hip Hop.

Suck it Up
When a cheerleader says suck it up, it means while a flyer is up in a stunt, to try to hold it and not fall. Also a term used to encourage a person to be brave.

Suspended Roll
A somersault performed in the air by the flyer with constant hand to hand contact with the bases

Age group for cheerleaders, all competitors must be 9yrs and under on the day of competition

T motion
A motion where the Cheerleader's arms form a T with the thumb side of her fists facing the crowd. There is a half or broken T where your elbows are bent and the pinky side of your fist is facing the crowd.

Table Top
A jump where it appears the Cheerleader is sitting in the air. This jump is sometimes referred to as an Abstract or Double Hook, depending on where you live. Sometimes the dagger motion is also called a table top.

This is when a flier switches feet in a stunt.

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