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A funnel shaped device used to amplify and direct your voice. Mini Peeps Similar to Teenies, all competitors must be 9yrs and under - oldest team member can be 9yrs on the day of competition.

A set position of a Cheerleader's arms. Motions include T motion, L motion, K motion, hands on hips, diagonals, touchdown, daggers, High V, Low V, and variations of them.

When one or more people are supported in the air. Another word for stunt.

Partner Stunts
Referred to as double stunts; a maneuver in which at least one mounter is supported by one base.

Peel Off/Reload
When a squad is divided into two or more groups to do the same motion, skill or step at different times. Usually used to give a good visual effect.

Similar to Junior A, all competitors must be 12yrs and under - oldest team member can be 12yrs on the day of competition.

A position in which the body is bent at the hips and legs are straight out in ninety degree angle.

A turn in standing position on one leg to a different direction. Pom Pon A hand held ball of plastic strips connected by a handle. Also called Pom Pom.

Pop Off
A dismount method of freeing the top person from a stunt by pushing the top person forcefully off the bases’ hands

Multiple mounts or a group of stunts next to one another.

Somersault - Hip over head rotation

A basic beginner tumbling skill, once perfected it is used as a setup for combination tumbling skills (back handsprings etc.)

A continuous show of talent in the squad by use of cheers, chants and dance steps. Can last from 2 min. 30 sec. up to 4 min. depending on the time limits of the competition or showcase.

While in a Liberty you grab the toe of your bent leg and bring it up to almost behind your head.

Sell it
A term used when facials or attitude is exaggerated to make the cheer, motion or dance step have more appeal.

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