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Cheerleading Terminology
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The leader of a squad or team. (see squad leader)

A short cheer, with simple arm movements. A short repeated yell. Usually done on the sidelines.

A longer yell, that involves motions, pom pons, stunts, jumps, or tumbling.

The set arrangement of dance steps and movements.

A person that instructs or teaches a performer, player, or team.

An event where squads come to test their skills against others and compete for 1st, 2nd or 3rd place finishes.

Cradle Catch
An end movement where the catcher(s) catch a flyer/flier by holding her under the thighs and around her back after tossing her in the air.

A competition category similar to Seniors, at least one member of the team must be 16yrs and over on the day of competition.

One base holds up a flyer/flier with one hand. The bases arm is fully extended and both of the flyer's feet are in the base's one hand. Also known as a kewpie or awesome.

When the flyer falls backwards or forwards out of a stunt. 3 or 4 people catch the flyer and could possibly push the flyer back up to the bases hands.

A way to return the flyer to the floor after a stunt. Returning to the floor position after a routine or mount.

Double Hook
A jump where one leg is bent in front of you and the other leg is bent behind you, your arms are in a high V. Also known as a Pretzel, Abstract, or Table Top. Elevator Two bases each hold a different foot of one flyer. The feet are both held at shoulder level.

Double Trick
Example: Scissor Kick & Twist Down in Basket Toss

To perform a stunt or routine; the way in which a stunt or routine is performed. The form, style, and technique of a stunt or routine make up its execution.

A stunt in which the arms of each base are fully extended above the head, supporting the mounter/flyer standing in the palms of the base(s).

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