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1. Jump lines
Cheerleaders stand in 3 or 4 lines. Start some music and every-time a cheerleader gets to the front of the line, she must  execute a jump in time with the music. It helps to have counts such as "clasp on count 1, 2; high-V on count 3, 4; bend on  count 5; execute jump on count 6; land on count 7, 8.

2. Hang from a bar and lift legs in a v-up movements

3. T- kicks

4. Assisted jumps : 2 cheerleaders face each other. One cheerleader supports under other cheerleader's forearms. Base  cheerleader pushes up on arms as jumping cheerleader. This is a good exercise to help cheerleaders get the feel of a toe  touch plus perfecting pointing their toes.

5. Leg throws: Lie on back on floor. Another person stand straddling at the head of the person on the floor. The floor person holds on to the standing person's ankles. The floor person lifts legs and the standing person "throws" the legs to the floor and right and left. The floor person resist letting them touch the floor.

6. Straddle Hold: Sit on floor in a straddle position. Point toes and hold for 30 seconds. Relax. Repeat process.

7. Straddle Lifts: Sit on floor in a straddle position. Lift both legs up, keeping them straight. Hold for 3 counts. Relax. Repeat 5 times.  (hint: legs will not lift very far off the floor)

8. V- Up sit ups

Daily practices are the best way to perfect your jumps. I always do jump lines at every practice working all jumps. As your stamina increases, try doing 2 jumps in a row then increase it to 3 jumps  in a row
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