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I currently costs £3.00 for each session that you attend.  In addition you will be required to pay an annual membership (currently £14 per year) but this is only due after you have attended for four weeks (which gives you time to see if you like it).

Sporting Dynamite is a member of both United Kingdom Cheerleading Association and British Gymnastics and the fees cover membership to all three organisations.  The membership fee includes built in insurance for both coaches and Cheerleaders alike and unfortunately as you cannot do cheerleading without insurance cover it is a requirement to join the club after the four week grace period. 

If we attend outside events or competition there may be other costs, these will be explained as and when they occur.  Typically it costs £15 per category per child at competition and as we are in the Community division we would normally only enter one or two categories at two competitions each year.  Other costs will include uniform hire which will be kept to a minimum and you will need a tracksuit/hoody and training T-shirts.  Obviously if we attend a competition outside of our local area there will be transportation costs and you will need a packed lunch/refreshments.

Please note: All costs will be explained in advance and no child will be made to attend a competition if they do not want to.
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