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The Spring National Cheerleading Championships, Manchester Velodrome, Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th May 2012.

Sporting Dynamite Teenies Level 1 Cheerleading Squad - Team Name: Sporting Dynamite X-PLODE

Placed 4th
This was the first time we had entered a Teenies cheerleading team and they were put straight in at the deep end against teams including Maximum Cheer, Pioneers, STCA, Boro Babettes, Warwick Allstars and SJC Tomcats.  To finish in fourth place is a great achievement in any company but in such exteemed company as this it was a fantastic achievement especially on your first attempt!

Sporting Dynamite Junior A Level 2 Cheerleading Squad - Team Name: Sporting Dynamite X-CESS

Placed 3rd

This was a really good effort but the team were a mixture consisting of some who had done Cheerleading before at Level 1 and some who had just joined the club and where still struggling with the basics.  This time there were only four teams in the category which included Maximum Cheer, STCA, and Kobica Starlites.

The team were very hopeful of a good place but the problem was that they were entering Level 2 for the first time and its a lot harder competing at a higher level, especially against such accomplished opposition.  You all worked really hard and put on a fantastic performance, yes there were a few things that could have been done better but this was your first time at level 2 and the competition put up very strong performances so the third place finish was better than it looked and the whole team should be very proud of themselves.

Sporting Dynamite Junior A Level 2 Pom Dance  - Team Name: Sporting Dynamite X-TREEM

Placed 5th
Can't deny that we were all a little disappointed as we had expected to do much better and the squad had high hopes.  But once again you have to factor in that this was again our first attempt at level 2 and the opposition were once again accomplished teams who as to be expected delivered on the day with very strong polished performances.

We were competing against Firestorm, Independance, Red Hot Sparklers, RLS Elite and Eclipse and on the day finishing in fourth, especially above Eclipse was more of an achiement than the team realised.  These are formidable opponents and have competed at Level 2 and higher for years so they know what it takes and how to get the best out of a performance.

Sporting Dynamite Junior A Level 1 Cheer Dance - Team Name: Sporting Dynamite X-ECUTE

Placed 3rd
The Cheerdance is a difficult discipline to master as the dance needs to contain several compulsary elements such as but not limited to: High Kicks, Pirouettes, Splits, Leaps Etc.  We also had an additional handicap in that we had a limited number of cheerleaders who could perform some of the compulsary elements and even less who could perform all of the compulsarey ellements so this meant we were only able to put a team of six on the floor which is not ideal and as the team was so small we were guarenteed to lose several marks.

Once you factor in the above it's not that suprising that we finished third of three and if we decide to enter this category again we will have a better idea of what is to be expected. 

Still a very brave attempt and a really great preformance!

Sporting Dynamite Junior B Level 2 Pom Dance Squad - Team Name: Sporting Dynamite X-CERT

Placed 4th 
Once again we suffered from a small team

This was a solid performance by a team that know what to do, admittedly it was their first cheerleading performance as a team and I am sure it was not their best performance ever but even with the odd mistake I still thought they should have finished higher.  We will have to wait for the video to see what happened but it looked solid from the floor so I am a bit puzzled.  Clearly we need to take a good look at this!

Sporting Dynamite Seniors Pom Dance Squad - Team Name: Sporting Dynamite X-CERT

Placed 6th
Most confusing result I have seen in recent years.  The performance was great and I was hopeful of a good position so when sixth place was announced I thought like everybody else that there must have been some sort of mistake?  Perhaps it was just a little too inovative and went wide of the mark, I don't know but hopefully we will know more when the score sheets come out.

Anyhow, it was a performance I liked and I thought the choreography was really unique so as Sereena said "It means we will just have to try harder next year"

By the way every parent, helper and anybody else I spoke to, thought both of the Seniors performances were absolutely brilliant.  Go Team!

Congratulations to all the cheerleaders, coaches, staff and helpers, we are very proud of you.

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