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National Championships 2012 - Manchester Central (GMEX) 

The 2012 UKCA National Championships took place on Sunday 26th February at the Manchester Central Convention Complex (G-MEX), Windmill Street, Petersfield, Manchester, M2 3GX.  This event showcases the highest standard of competition in UKCA and was only open to the Elite clubs and dancers, it was therefore a great honour and privilege to be invited to such an event and testament to the hard work and dedication of all Sporting Dynamite members over the last three years 2009 to 2012. 

We met on the day at the GMEX Centre (at the main entrance steps) at 8.30pm and Dynamite's were on the floor from 10.16am so we needed to be coordinated and on the ball right from the off.

The event was a great success with all Dynamite's teams doing extreemly well:
The Mini Peeps team Sporting Dynamite X-Plode finished third, the Unit team Sporting Dynamite X-Ecute also finished third and the Masters team finished 2nd but the best news by far was Sporting Dynamite X-Treme securing first place in the Streetcheer Peeps category making Sporting Dynamite, National Streetcheer Champions 2012.

For more information please visit the ukca website
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