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Street Cheer 2009 PDF Print E-mail
Congratulations to both teams who took part in the National Street Cheer Championships at Fenton Manor. Stoke on Trent, on 18th Oct 2009.  It was a long but fantastic day that was full of surprises, including the introduction of our teams official partners mascot "Bud Man" and our super brand new banners supplied by Emma Littlewood and Natalie Monk's parents (thanks for all your efforts, wicked banners)

The event was a total success for Sporting Dynamite with both teams coming home with trophies.  The Mini Peeps (X-cite) came 2nd in the Street Games category and then followed that up with an equally impressive 2nd in the Community category, well done to Julie and her team, "we are proud of you"

This was matched by the Peeps (X-treem) who finished 2nd in the Street Games category and then followed that up with another brilliant performance placing 4th in the hotly contested Community category, well done to Sereena and her team, "we are proud of you too"

Well done to our two brave dancers, Megan Aston and Natalie Monk who overcame their own fears to take part in the freestyle event, which is a massive achievement in it's self, not many people can get on a stage in front of over 1000 people and dance, not only that, they gave it a good go and looked pretty cool in the process.

We also have to say an extremely well done to Sereena who was awarded a special trophy recognising her contribution and efforts to the development of Street Cheer not only with Sporting Dynamite but with Eastlands as well.  The "Sports Volunteering Cup, Young volunteer of the year"  was well deserved and something that has given me the greatest pride to witness  "we are extremely proud of you Sereena"

Well done to Julie, Sereena, both teams and a special thank you to our more than impressive helpers, who worked tirelessly throughout the whole day:

Emma Littlewood - Teenies, chaperone, toilet runs, dinners, make up and hair
Sharron Aston - Teenies, chaperone, toilet runs, dinners, make up and hair
Michelle Simmonett - Junior A, chaperone, toilet runs, dinners, make up and hair
Claire Evans - Junior A, buddie, chaperone, toilet runs, dinners,
Ian Upton - Kit, buddie (brilliant job, took some nerve)
Jackie Mannion  - Junior A, buddie, chaperone (sorry you weren't well)

You all performed brilliantly on the day making the coaches job much easier and therefore ensuring that it was a fantastic day for all.

"We are proud of you" "say we are proud of you"
"We are proud of you" "say we are proud of you"
"We are proud of you" "say we are proud of you"
"wooooooooh Good Job"

and from the president of Sporting Dynamite: a very well deserved "Thank You" Please remember that without continued help from people such as yourselves clubs such as ours either close or fail to exist in the first place!

Squads and results

FAQ 7 - Is Sporting Dynamite a company or business? PDF Print E-mail
Sporting Dynamite is a Community based Cheerleading Club and is run by voluntary staff.  No members of staff are paid or receive any form of remuneration.  Coaching and professional expertise may sometimes however be bought in, to expand the abilities of the club.

The club is run be a management Committee and regular voluntary staff, coaches and carers.
FAQ 5 - How much does it cost? PDF Print E-mail
I currently costs £3.00 for each session that you attend.  In addition you will be required to pay an annual membership (currently £14 per year) but this is only due after you have attended for four weeks (which gives you time to see if you like it).

Sporting Dynamite is a member of both United Kingdom Cheerleading Association and British Gymnastics and the fees cover membership to all three organisations.  The membership fee includes built in insurance for both coaches and Cheerleaders alike and unfortunately as you cannot do cheerleading without insurance cover it is a requirement to join the club after the four week grace period. 

If we attend outside events or competition there may be other costs, these will be explained as and when they occur.  Typically it costs £15 per category per child at competition and as we are in the Community division we would normally only enter one or two categories at two competitions each year.  Other costs will include uniform hire which will be kept to a minimum and you will need a tracksuit/hoody and training T-shirts.  Obviously if we attend a competition outside of our local area there will be transportation costs and you will need a packed lunch/refreshments.

Please note: All costs will be explained in advance and no child will be made to attend a competition if they do not want to.
FAQ 4 - Do you enter competitions? PDF Print E-mail
Yes, we would like to attend the UKCA Community Nationals in May but this will depend on whether the team are ready to compete in time.  This is Sporting Dynamites first year and we have a lot to learn before we will be ready to go to competition.  If we are ready we will enter as many competitions as we can, subject to logistics and the availability of funding, volunteers/carers.
FAQ 3 - When are the sessions? PDF Print E-mail
Friday evenings training times: Cost £3 per one hour session (unless otherwise stated)

4 to 5pm - Teenies: Cheerleading session (5yrs to 9yrs only)
5 to 6pm - Teenies: Dance session (Street or Pom dance)(5yrs to 9yrs only)
5 to 6pm - Junior A: Dance session (9yrs to 12yrs only)
5 to 6pm - Junior B: Cheerleading (13yrs to 16 yrs only)
6 to 7pm - Junior A: Cheerleading session ( 9yrs to 12yrs only)
6 to 7pm - Junior B: Dance session (13yrs to 16 yrs only)
7 to 8pm - Junior A and B: Stunt Group sessions(9yrs to 16yrs - Invitation only)
7 to 8pm - Gymnastics/Flexibility class (Junior A, normally 9yrs to 12yrs - Invitation only)
8 to 9pm - Gymnastics/Flexibility class (Seniors 12yrs and over - Invitation only)

Tuesday evenings training times: Costs vary see below

5.30 to 6.30pm - Masters: Cheerleading (18yrs and over) - Cost £4.50
5.30 to 6.30pm - Junior A: Cheerleading (9yrs to 12 yrs only) - (Cost £1 if you attended & payed for the Friday sessions, otherwise it's £3)
6 to 6.30pm - Junior B: Conditioning (13yrs to 16 yrs only) - (Cost £1 if you attended & payed for the Friday sessions, otherwise it's £3)
6.30 to 7.30pm - Junior A: Dance session (9yrs to 12yrs only) - (Cost £1 if you attended & payed for the Friday sessions, otherwise it's £3)
6.30 to 7.30pm - Junior B: Cheerleading (13yrs to 16 yrs only) - (Cost £1 if you attended & payed for the Friday sessions, otherwise it's £3)

The two Gymnastics/Flexibility classes which we run concentrate on improving fitness and flexibility.  These classes are currently under development and are run by a qualified gymnastics coach.  For safety reasons and to ensure that we have the right persons attending the sessions we operate these two classes as closed sessions (Invitation only).  The reason these classes are by invitation only is because during these sessions we require a high level of discipline, in addition the children attending have to be committed to learning and able to take instruction.

Tuesday evening sessions are normally £3 per session but we are currently running a scheme where we offer a discount to children/cheerleaders attending the previous Friday sessions which discounts the Tuesday sessions to £1.  Please note: this discount is only available to children/cheerleaders who attended and payed for sessions on the previous Friday evening!

If you require further information please contact Sporting Dynamite;

by email "click here"
by telephone "click here to go to the contacts page"

If the mobile phone is not answered or you would prefer Sporting Dynamite to return your call, just leave a brief message with your name and telephone details and we will get back to you.  (If possible leave a land-line number as it keeps the costs down)

Please note: All classes (with the exception of the flexibility sessions) are of a drop in nature which means you can just turn up, pay your money and dance.  Although these sessions are drop in it is still advisable to contact Sporting Dynamite if you are attending for the first time, just in case we are practicing for a competition or an event and are unable to devote a suitable amount of time to help newcomers pick up the basic dance moves.

Children will be permitted to attend up to a maximum of 6 sessions after which (subject to approval) they will be invited to join the club and will be required to pay their membership.  Please be aware we do not tolerate any form of abuse, racism, or personal attack whether physical or verbal.  Any child showing poor/unsuitable behaviour will be asked to leave the club and may be suspended indefinitely.  

Sporting Dynamite promote a friendly atmosphere and we encourage each child to support their fellow cheerleaders and to make them feel welcome and part of the club regardless of their age, ability or where they come from.  Cheerleading is the sport of smiles and we intend to keep it that way! 

All fees/memberships are non-returnable and cannot be refunded under any circumstances.

Sorry, but children under 5yrs are not permitted to attend any of our sessions.

Sporting Dynamites First Competition PDF Print E-mail

Saturday 16th May 2009 see's the UKCA Community Nationals Championships which will once again be held at Manchester Velodrome.

Both Sporting Dynamite's teams will be entering in the Pom Dance Class: Teenies (5yrs to 9yrs) and Junior A (under 12yrs). 

This is our first ever competition and I am sure all our cheerleaders will need as much support as they can get.  Tickets are normally available on the day (if they haven't sold out) and cost a mere £7.50, so if you fancy a good day out that is suitable for all the family then come along let your hair down and have a fantastic time.

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