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Nationals 2010 PDF Print E-mail
The 2010 UKCA Community Nationals will once again be held at Manchester Velodrome, this year on the 15th May.  Please note: besides being selected to dance, cheerleaders are required to be paid up members with full insurance to qualify for entry to this competition.
Memberships PDF Print E-mail
Memberships are now due (January) details will be handed out as soon as the price has been set for this years membership but we are confident that this will be similar to last year with only a small increase at worst.
New ideas for the website PDF Print E-mail
Do you have any ideas for the website?  We are looking for new content for the site so if you have any ideas please email them to Alan or text them to: 07961307170 and If your idea is really good we will give you the credit and post your name on the site! 
Junior A Music - Community Nationals 2011 PDF Print E-mail

The music for the 2011 Nationals is here.  Both Blue Teams and White Teams Pom Dance music can be downloaded or listened to by following the instructions below each track. For further details use the Downloads link from the menu on the left and select the Music to see the tracks.

The Cartwheel PDF Print E-mail
How to do a Cartwheel

The cartwheel is a basic movement in both Gymnastics and Cheerleading but don’t be fooled although it looks easy it takes a lot of practice and dedication to do a proper cartwheel.
So where do we start?  Firstly we need to know which leg is your strongest (usually your lead leg) this will determine whether you flavor right handed or left handed cartwheels.

For this example we will be for right handed cartwheels.  If you wish to perform left handed cartwheels you will need to reverse these instructions.

Reach out with your right arm aiming to place it on the ground as far as is comfortable from your feet, kicking your left leg up as you do so.  The left hand should follow very quickly, and at the same time as it touches the ground, your right leg should also be off of the ground (You should pass briefly through the handstand position) Your left leg will reach the ground 1st, followed by the right, which you will place in back, finishing in a lunge, just as you started, but with he opposite leg in front.

You need to perform the whole Cartwheel in one continuous motion with the arms and legs placed to the count of 1,2 and 3,4 as follows:

  1. Left arm placement
  2. Right arm placement
  3. Whole body inverted in the handstand position as count reaches (and)
  4. Left leg meets the ground
  5. Right leg meets the ground

Please note: The basic Cheerleading Cartwheel is different, it is more open and finishes with the whole body facing in the same direction as it started.

Don’t be put off if you keep throwing your legs out to the side.  Most learners begin like this as it takes time to teach yourself a level of confidence to the point where your brain will allow your legs to pass over your head in one straight continuous motion.

Lastly, don’t forget to smile - it’s no good performing the perfect cartwheel if you look grumpy and strained doing it.  Cheerleading is supposed to be fun!

The Splits PDF Print E-mail

How to perform the Splits

As we stated earlier, some cheerleaders are more flexible than others.  It bears no relevance on how hard you try it’s simply a fact that some people are born flexible whilst others have to work harder to get anywhere near the same flexibility.

Basically anybody can do the splits but some may have to work harder than others.

Before we begin don’t forget the golden rules

Always consult a parent/guardian/doctor before you commence any form of exercise.

Warm up first!

Never force your body to do something it is not able to do on its own such as bouncing or having somebody else push your legs down.

If you feel anything unusual, such as pain, irregular heart beat, or breathlessness, cease the exercise immediately and consult your parent/guardian/doctor.

Now let's work on some drills to develop the perfect splits

  1. Let’s work on toning your body: Sit on the floor legs together in a pike position, your legs should be straight out in front of you with your ankles together and toes pointing upwards.  Place your hands on your thighs and slide them down towards your ankles, the idea to try and get your nose close to your knees (or as close as you can) and then hold this position for 20 seconds. (Repeat 3 times)
  2. Next open you legs about 60cm (or as wide as you find comfortable) putting the palms of your hands flat on the floor between your legs slowly slide them forward towards your ankles, after a little practice you should be able to change this slightly and get both elbows on the floor, then when you are able to do this you can hold the position for 20 seconds. (Repeat 3 times)
  3. After you have mastered point (2.) you will be able to change the position again and instead of getting your elbows on the floor you should put the palms of your hands flat on the floor between your legs slowly slide them forward towards your ankles but this time you continue sliding your hands forward until you can put your nose on the floor, hold this position for 20 seconds. (Repeat 3 times)
  4. Next, place either leg in front, and lunge forward from the knee towards your toes; your rear knee is on the floor, your front foot is far in front (your body is in an “L” shape) hold this position for 20 seconds. (Repeat 3 times) then sit back relax and straighten the front leg back out, try to place your nose on your knees in this position, again hold for 20 seconds. (Repeat 3 times) Once you have done this try to slide as far into the splits as you are able.
  5. Swap legs and repeat number (4.) using the other side. As in the previous exercise hold this position for 20 seconds. (Repeat 3 times).

The more you practice these drills the more flexible your body will become put it is important not to overdo things, twice a day is more than enough training for the splits.

If you wish, try sitting in the training position as in number 2) with your elbows on the floor whilst you are watching TV – This will help to condition your body for the splits.

Never push your body too far, if you feel any sort of twinge, strain or pull, cease the exercise immediately and consult your parent/guardian/doctor.

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